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Image of 22-KELLT-02 - Snapshot

22-KELLT-02 - Snapshot

The picture is showing that T Marshall Kelly is reading something in front the microphone.

Image of 22-ALLENRG-08 - Snapshot

22-ALLENRG-08 - Snapshot

The Picture is showing Charles Dudley Baptizing a lady.

Image of 22-ATKINSPJ-01 - Snapshot

22-ATKINSPJ-01 - Snapshot

This picture of Paula J. Atkins was taken at First SDA Church in Huntsville, Alabama. The event, photographer, and the people on the left and right are unknown. Ms. Atkins is the woman in the middle.

Image of 22-ATOLAGBET-01 - Photograph

22-ATOLAGBET-01 - Photograph

The event, photographer, and the identificaiotn of the specific individual in this picture is unknown. The picture shows about thirteen people.

Image of 22-BAKERSL-01 - Photograph

22-BAKERSL-01 - Photograph

The individual in this photograph is identified as Susan Lee Baker. The event and photographer of this picture is unknown.

Image of 22-BAKERSL-02 - Photograph

22-BAKERSL-02 - Photograph

Susan Lee Baker is standing next to a woman who's identity is unkown. It would be assumed that this event took place at the Oakwood University Church in Huntsville, Alabama.

Image of 22-BAKERSL-04 - Photograph

22-BAKERSL-04 - Photograph

This photo seems to be copied from a yearbook page where Ms. Baker is working as a Student Librarian at Oakwood Academy. This page also shows other student workers for Oakwood University.

Image of BAKERT - Photograph

BAKERT - Photograph

This is the photo of pastor Trevor Baker who seems to be preaching at an unknown event in Albany, New York in 1972.

Image of BANFIELDW - Photograph

BANFIELDW - Photograph

In this picture, Elder Warren S. Banfield is in attendance for a groundbreaking ceremony for the Oakwood College Church.

Image of BANFIELDW-02 - Photograph

BANFIELDW-02 - Photograph

In this photo, it is shown that Mr. Banfield was the second treasurer of the Alleghany Conference along with his wife, Ms. Banfield

Image of 22-BARRYA-01 - Photograph

22-BARRYA-01 - Photograph

In this photo, Mr.Barry is shown sitting in a chair in front of a tree.

Image of 22-BARRYA-02 - Photograph

22-BARRYA-02 - Photograph

In this photo, Mr. Baker is sitting in a chair in front of a tree.

Image of 22-BARRYA-03 - Snapshot

22-BARRYA-03 - Snapshot

In this photo, Mr. Barry is seen sitting in a chair in front of a tree.

Image of 22-AEOLIANS-1-01 - Photograph

22-AEOLIANS-1-01 - Photograph

This a picture of the Aeolians in a performance

Image of 22-AEOLIANS-1-02 - Photograph

22-AEOLIANS-1-02 - Photograph

In this photo, the Aeolians are performing at a gym.

Image of 22-AEOLIANS-3-08 - Photograph

22-AEOLIANS-3-08 - Photograph

This is a picture of the Aeolians choir. The year, location, and photographer is unknown.

Image of 22-AEOLIANS-1-03 - Photograph

22-AEOLIANS-1-03 - Photograph

This is a photo of Susan and Delbert Baker along with the Aeolians.

Image of 22-AEOLIANS-1-04 - Photograph

22-AEOLIANS-1-04 - Photograph

In this picture, the Aeolians are in a performance. The location of the performance is unknown

Image of 22-AEOLIANS-1-05 - Photograph

22-AEOLIANS-1-05 - Photograph

In this photo, the Aeolians are performing at an Alumni event. The location of this even is unknown.

Image of 22-AEOLIANS-1-06 - Photograph

22-AEOLIANS-1-06 - Photograph

This picture shows the Aeolians sitting down and reading the Bible. The location and photographer is unknown.